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How long does delivery take?
The delivery process took 1-3 days to process depending on daily orders volume. Except for Public Holidays.

Do you deliver to my area?
We cover most of the major areas in Kuala Lumpur and Klang Valley areas will be included in the final bill total for payment.

How much is the delivery fee?
We offer a flat rate of RM10 on each order within the Kuala Lumpur and Klang Valley area. 

Contact Us
If you have any questions do contact us at

Office Number: 03-6093 1933 (Office Hour: Monday- Friday. 8:am - 5:30pm)

Email: support@eggnovative.com.my

Pasteurized Eggs

What makes pasteurized eggs so great? 

Pasteurized eggs are 99.9% free from Salmonella and nasty bacteria. You'll only get the taste of egg freshness. No more weird fishy smells.

...just pure egg goodness.

And that means you could cook even more creative dishes with our eggs - Japanese Tamago Kake Gohan, Korean bibimbap, Caesar salad dressing, tiramisu, and many many more. Your imagination is your limitation! 

In fact, egg pasteurization is the standard in the USA: Are all egg products pasteurized? (usda.gov)

Do you use any weird chemicals or radiation to pasteurize your eggs? 

Nope. That's the whole point of pasteurization - making eggs safe naturally. We only use crystal clear clean water and Safegg™ technologically advanced temperature control pasteurization technology to pasteurize our eggs. 

Pasteurization is commonly used for dairy, fruit juice, canned foods. Safegg™ is unique in its ability to pasteurize and make eggs safe. 

How could I be sure about your 99.9% free from Salmonella and nasty bacteria claim?

Each batch of our eggs is freshly pasteurized and lab-tested to ensure we meet that criteria. We take our eggs very seriously. 

We have even published the results of our previous lab tests. Check it out here.

Must I keep Safegg™ eggs at a 4-7 °C temperature? 

Yes, this is absolutely necessary for egg freshness. 

Safegg™ eggs should always be kept in the fridge to maintain their shelf-life and consumed before the expiration date.

What's Safegg™ shelf life?

If you've kept your eggs at a constant chill at 4-7 °C temperature, your eggs will remain fresh up to:

  • min 14 days for pasteurized shell eggs, DHA eggs, and Tsukimi Onsen eggs,
  • and 14 days for marinated eggs. 

Don't panic if you're unable to find the 'best before date' on Eggshipper's box. We have made it convenient for you by printing the 'best before date' on each egg. 

Check Egg Shells for Best Before Date

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